Into the Bone: Body and Soul

25.07. — 29.07.2024 12:00— 13:00 garīgo prakšu centrs Stacija, Ventspils novada Lūžņas ciems,

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“Once, in the redwood forest, I heard a beat, something like a drum or a heart coming from the ground and trees and wind. That underground current stirred a kind of knowing inside me, a kinship and longing, a dream barely remembered that disappeared back to the body…”  —Linda Hogan

Soul encounter and embodiment is a natural, instinctive, and fundamentally fleshy affair. There is no thought, image, dream, or word — no experience, that happens independently of the body. Whether we are conscious of their missives, or not, our bodies, in all their diversity of shapes, and colors, and capacities are the ground from which all our life experience unfolds. Listening to the body is one way we can come to know our particular way of being alive.

Shaped by our journey on Earth, our bodies are an amalgamation of many life processes, forms, and currents that are not static, but constantly in fluid exchange with the world around and within. They cannot be separated from the soul, nor can they be separated from our evolutionary and ancestral histories. Our blood, bones, and breath can reveal threads of our mytho-poetic identity.

Over millennia we’ve slowly emerged from the humus of the wild to situate ourselves as a highly individuated species with a special affinity for consciousness. Yet, so many of the challenges we face are a direct result of our dissociation from the ecological ground that birthed us. The mechanistic worldview of modernity has left us dangerously isolated, cut-off from our body and soul, our ground of action, and the earth itself. And yet many of us instinctively feel the pull toward a more embodied wholeness. 

In our 5 days together at Spirit Hollow, we’re going to invite you to move and to feel. Feel the world that we live in with its wild diversity of life. Feel the sensations that move through you as you breathe and listen, wander, and dance. Dive into the bone - into the muscles, tissues, fluids, and structures that scaffold life. Through Soulcraft practices, embodied dreamwork and deep imagery, authentic movement, body art, dance and drumming, yoga, and play, we will marry the conscious mind with the instinctual foundation from which everything arises.  With ample time to wander in the fields, forest, and streams, we will surrender to the body’s intelligence to seek, and then to inhabit, the call of the soul.

Mērķauditorija: cilvēki, kurus interesē izaugsme un savas iekšējās pasaules iepazīšana.

Kursu vada: Doug Van Houten. Doug (he/him) draws on the wisdom of the natural world, depth-psychology, eco-psychology, dreams, somatic knowing, poetry, and many pan-cultural, soul furthering practices that includes: The Way of Council, vision fasting, shadow work, symbolic artwork, trance dancing and conversations with the more than human world. Doug’s true calling in life is to support others as they uncover their own unique gifts and in so doing, transform their lives in service to what Thomas Berry called ”The Great Work” of our times. Doug is also an ardent beekeeper, a visual artist, a wily wanderer, a dream tracker, an emergent ceremonialist, a heart-centered activist, and…

Norises vieta: garīgo prakšu centrs Stacija, Ventspils novada Lūžņas ciems,

Kursa maksa: EUR 1300 (ieskaitot PVN), nakšņojot teltī ar ērtu matraci

Cenā iekļautas 13 ēdienreizes.

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Norises vieta: garīgo prakšu centrs Stacija, Ventspils novada Lūžņas ciems,