Soulcentric Dreamwork Intensive. Nature-based, experience oriented retreat. Pasākums angļu valodā

26.06. — 30.06.2023 12:00— 13:30 garīgo prakšu centrs Stacija, Ventspils novada Lūžņas ciems,

The soul yearns to dream itself into the world. Every dream emerges from the mystery of the soul and is an opportunity for our conscious self, our ego, to be further initiated into the secret stream of our deeper life.

On this 5-day immersion, you’ll learn what it’s like to enter dreams as mysteries; to boldly and vulnerably interact with its denizens and dreamscapes; to be moved by the deep intelligence of its living images; to open to non-ordinary ways of perceiving; and to experience the underdream of your everyday waking life.

Soul speaks through images, including those that comprise dreams. While most modern forms of dreamwork focus on interpretation and analysis, soulcentric dreamwork invites us to do something radically different — to fully surrender to the experience the dream wants us to have, however strange it may be. A soulcentric approach holds every dream as an embodied invitation to our unfolding soul story.

In this intensive retreat, we’ll wander slowly in the disturbing splendor of the nightworld’s rich symbols, images, and emotions. We’ll courageously commit to an extended stay in the soul’s mysterious domain, permitting the dream to do its formidable work on the ego. Instead of trying to figure out the meaning of the dream, we’ll submit ourselves to its atmospheres, landscapes, and characters.

Earth is always dreaming and inviting us to dive into our own dreamstream. The inner wilds of dreams and the outer wilderness of the world are two of the most potent guides to soul. Unlike any other Western form of dreamwork, we’ll enter both wildernesses at the same time, amplifying the initiatory effects of both. We’ll apprentice ourselves to the mystery held within our dreams while approaching the animate world as if it is listening and wanting to participate. We’ll re-enter our dreams while deepening our conversation with the other-than-human world.

Through a variety of modalities — including direct dialogue with the dream itself, expressive arts and movement, deep imagery, and wandering on the land with (and in) our dreams — we’ll explore how our dreams want to shift us, what doors they want to open, what underworld thresholds they want to usher us over.

Join us and deepen into your dreams and your unfolding soul story!

Mērķauditorija: cilvēki, kurus interesē izaugsme un savas iekšējās pasaules iepazīšana.

Kursu vada: Rebeka Vaildbēra (Rebecca Wildbear). Rebecca is the author of Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration & Advocacy for the Earth. She is also the creator of a yoga practice called Wild Yoga, which empowers individuals to tune in to the mysteries that live within the earth community, dreams, and their own wild nature so they may live a life of creative service. She has been guiding Wild Yoga programs since 2007 and also guides vision quests and other nature and soul programs through Animas Valley Institute. Visit her online at

Norises vieta: garīgo prakšu centrs Stacija, Ventspils novada Lūžņas ciems,

Kursa maksa: EUR 1300 (ieskaitot PVN), nakšņojot teltī ar ērtu matraci, vai EUR 1500 (ieskaitot PVN), nakšņojot istabiņā.

Ja vēlaties nakšņot istabiņā, tad lūdzu rakstiet , viņa nosūtīs papildus rēķinu.

Cenā iekļautas 13 ēdienreizes.

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13.00                            Noslēgums

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Norises vieta: garīgo prakšu centrs Stacija, Ventspils novada Lūžņas ciems,