Directions by car:

Center of spiritual practices Stacija is 185 km from Riga and 30 km from Ventspils. If you are driving with your own car, we recommend using the Waze app and entering the destination "Lūžņas stacija". To promote a "green culture", we recommend joining groups of fellow travellers – it makes financial and ecological sense. For those who are prepared to take fellow travellers and for those who have difficulty getting to us, please let us know.

Please park your cars in front of the Center of spiritual practices Stacija, parking marked with a P. Charging electric cars at the Center of spiritual practices Stacija currently is not possible. The nearest charging facilities are in Ventspils (about 35 km) or Dundaga (about 40 km).

Public transport directions:

From Riga (RSA) to Ventspils (VA) there are regular and comfortable intercity buses, but from Ventspils to Lužņa (30km) Ventspils municipality provides a seasonal bus schedule.

Shuttle service:

If you would like to book a paid shuttle service from Riga Airport or Ventspils Airport to Stacija, please contact