The Institute of Integral Education I3

The Institute of Integral Education I3 offers diverse educationally transformative programs designed to address today’s challenges and tasks.

Our vision is based on the belief that all human beings have a spiritual, psychological, physical and social dimension. A well-balanced relationship between those often separated areas is a prerequisite for a meaningful and inspired life.

We teach an integral and interdisciplinary approach to the most important areas of life, emphasizing the importance of mastering and balancing all four types of intelligence – IQ (mental intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence), SQ (spiritual intelligence) and BQ (body intelligence). We believe that cultivating awareness and presence is fundamentally essential as it leads to true competence and a stronger sense of responsibility. This approach is vitally important, especially in areas such as state administration, education, politics and business. Indeed, the future of Latvian society depends on well-developed leadership skills in these areas.

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