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Bill Plotkin

Animas Valley Institute, https://animas.org/

Bill Plotkin, Ph.D., is a depth psychologist, wilderness guide, and agent of cultural evolution. As founder of western Colorado’s Animas Valley Institute in 1981, he has guided thousands of women and men through nature-based initiatory passages, including a contemporary, Western adaptation of the pan-cultural vision quest. Previously, he has been a research psychologist (studying non-ordinary states of consciousness), professor of psychology, psychotherapist, rock musician, and whitewater river guide.

In 1979, on a solo winter ascent of an Adirondack peak, Bill Plotkin experienced a call to adventure, leading him to abandon academia in search of his true calling. Bill Plotkin is the author of  Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche  (an experiential guidebook), Nature and the Human Soul: Cultivating Wholeness and Community in a Fragmented World (a nature-based stage model of human development through the entire lifespan), and Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche (an ecocentric map of the psyche — for healing, growing whole, and cultural transformation). He has a doctorate in psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

About Soulcraft.eu​

In 2018, with the approval of Animas Valley Institute, we began contracting guides, trained by Bill Plotkin, to offer his work to us in the Baltics, so since then it is possible to participate at these programs in the middle of the Latvian woods, at the coast of the Baltic Sea in the retreat center "Elijas nams" and nearby place Center of spiritual practices Stacija. Guides trained by Bill Plotkin personally are guiding these events and offering the same different programs as in the USA and other countries worldwide.

Contact persons from Latvia are Lita Rubene  .