Week of Stilness

House of Stilness. Forest, sea, wind and meditation.

Who doesn't know situations in life when everything is so overwhelming that you want to leave your everyday environment for a few days, get off the fast train of life and find a place where no one will disturb you with their conversations? A place where you can just be you, to live in the slow time that calms and organizes the head and the heart...

The House of Stilness helps everyone to regain their strength, but especially people whose lives are under intense pressure. This is particularly appreciated by managers. The CEO of a large Latvian company writes that for many years, regular weeks of silence have helped him to keep his soul balanced and healthy: "I only started to understand the great, healing and recharging role of unity and silence during my very busy business years."

Twice a year, he stays at a guest house, which he calls a place for recharging his soul, spirit and body, and for silence therapy. For this CEO, these weeks of silence not only help to cope with everyday life "on the front line", but also develop creativity and help to come up with fresh and innovative insights. He writes: "At the end of the week, my movements are calm and peaceful, my thoughts no longer waver, they have a different depth. I am back in the flow of Great Things.”

Now, this opportunity to be alone and in silence is also offered by regular silence weeks in Lūžņā, one of the most untouched, quiet and beautiful places in Latvia.

Each participant can spend the time in the way they choose, for example in quiet reflection and slow walks in the woods or along the seashore. But if you wish, you can devote this time to getting to know yourself better and self-reflection, in other words, to your spiritual growth. Meditation teachers will give a short talk on the first day of the week of silence about several ways to spend this time in a meaningful way.


If you want to apply for the Week of Stilness, you must commit to the following rules: 

  • Residents of the House of Stilness must be quiet; the use of sound sources (e.g. TV, radio, computer, etc.) and noise are not allowed, 
  • Mobile phones are not allowed in the House of Stilness,
  • The use of intoxicants (e.g. alcohol, drugs, etc.) is not allowed in the House of Stilness,
  • Smoking is not allowed in the House of Stilness; smoking is allowed in a designated area within the House of Stilness,
  • participants of the Week of Stilness are not allowed to have guests in their rooms,
  • Residents of the House of Stilness must respect the quiet space of the other participants of the Week of Stilness; talking to other residents of the House is not allowed.

By applying for the Week of Stilness, the applicant undertakes to comply strictly with these rules. The guest agrees that in the event of a serious breach of the rules, he may be asked to leave the House of Stilness.

  • The Week of Stilness is not a teacher-led retreat.

However, guests of the Week of Stilness have access to short conversations with the meditation teacher at pre-set consultation times. The conversations offer individual guidance on how best to structure your Week of Silence, as well as guidance on meditation or other spiritual practices. 

  • Three times a day, there is a 25-minute meditation session led by a teacher, which is optional. However, those who wish can meditate more often, as the meditation room is accessible to everyone.
  • You can spend some time with a good book in the library of the House of Silence.

Venue: Center of spiritual practices Stacija, Lūžņa village, Ventspils municipality, www.stacija.lv

Target audience: people who want to promote their spiritual growth and find inner balance.

The stay is EUR 840 (incl. VAT).

The price includes 17 meals (breakfast at 8.00, lunch at 13.00, dinner at 18.00) and accommodation (6 nights) in single rooms.

Framework for the Week of Stilness


            15.00–16.00                 Arrival at the House 


            Until 11.00                     Leaving the House