House of Stilness

The comfortable and modern ground floor of the house has 100 sq.m. a large meditation hall, a modern lecture room with state-of-the-art equipment and the largest library of spiritual literature in Latvia with books in Latvian, English and German.

On the second floor of the building, those who are looking for peace and quiet will find 30 small, but cosy rooms with good sound insulation. Each room has a separate shower and bathroom.

The House of Stilness is the direct successor to a meditation centre Elijas nams located within a 600m distance. Elijas nams, created more than ten years ago, is still open, however now it often uses the premises of the House of Stilness. Now the scope of the House of Stilness activities is wider: it is a place not only for participation in retreats and programs with others, but also to spend time alone.

On the way to growth and maturing, both relations and conversations and solitude and quietness are equally important. When You step on the way to yourself and life detox, the quietness is an essential tool.