The Way of the Shaman

The Way of the Shaman. The Shamanic Tradition and the Present: an Introduction to Core Shamanism. 

The Basic Workshop The Way of the Shaman® is a basic training course in Core Shamanism developed over many years by Michael Harner. Core Shamanism is not based in one particular ethnic tradition, but in the common principles of different shamanic traditions. Michael Harner (1929–2018) is one of the most important academic researchers and practitioners of shamanism today. He has been a professor at Yale and Columbia Universities in the USA and founded the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS).

The workshop introduces the universal principles and techniques of shamanism, humanity's oldest healing tradition. 

Workshop participants are introduced to the shamanic journey, which introduces the shamanic state of consciousness and promotes awareness of the connection with nature. The classical shamanic journey accompanied by percussion instruments is one of the most well-known methods of vision questing, which, alongside dreams and myths, has been used by various traditions to explore Reality.

The methodology of Core Shamanism is proven and reliable, as evidenced by the many workshops held on all continents over the last forty years.


  • A theoretical and practical introduction to the basic principles, methodology and ethics of shamanism.
  • Shamanic journey as a fundamental technique of shamanism.
  • Shamanic state of consciousness.
  • Shamanic methods for seeking knowledge and healing.

Completion of this workshop entitles you to participate in the advanced FSS workshops.

 Founded by Michael Harner in 1979, the FSS has provided safe, effective and up-to-date research on shamanism and the development of its methodology for over 40 years. With full respect for traditional cultures and based on the principles of classical shamanism and Western science, FSS applies ancient principles in an ethically responsible way to modern society, addressing the needs of our time.


Roland Urban (Austria), psychologist, coach and author, one of the leaders of

Roland Urban (Austria), psychologist, coach and author, one of the leaders of "The Way of the Shaman" and Executive Director of Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe (FSS Europe) in spring 2023 in Lūžņa, Latvia together with Lita and Filips Rubeņi, managers of The spiritual practice centre Stacija.